Variegated Monstera Cutting (Low Variegation)
Variegated Monstera Cutting (Low Variegation)
Variegated Monstera Cutting (Low Variegation)
Variegated Monstera Cutting (Low Variegation)

Variegated Monstera Cutting (Low Variegation)

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This is "grower special" offering Variegated monstera cuttings at very competitive prices compared what can currently be found online. Please read the description to understand what this listing entails. Variegated Monsteras can be tricky to root so it is not advised for beginners.

Please Note: NO RESELLERS. Recently it has come to light that these cuttings are being purchased and resold at grossly inflated prices. This is not in the spirit of the way that the cuttings are priced. If found reselling, your orders will be canceled and you will be blocked from future orders. Thanks you for your understanding.

The last picture shows one of the original mother plants.

***Unfortunately I cannot send pictures of the exact cutting you will receive. They are chosen and cut at time of shipping.***

-Guaranteed nice healthy cutting upon delivery. Not responsible for cuttings that don't root or die after delivery. No returns or refunds on cuttings that don't preform outside of our care.

-Each cutting will include 1 leaf and a portion of the "main stem". Cuttings are freshly cut the day of shipping with sterilized tools. Tips will be treated with an Organic rooting solution to prevent stem rot in rooting so it is not advised to cut the tips upon receipt.

-Cuttings will not be "top cuttings", they will be middle segment cuttings.

-Aerial roots may bend or break as they can be very rigid. This will not effect rooting and they typically even branch out into multiple smaller roots with time which is beneficial to the plant.

-You will not receive the exact cutting in the picture. The pictures represent a similar cutting to what you will receive. With so much variability in this plant type, we will use our best judgement and send plants that meet the variegation grade criteria.

***Unfortunately I cannot send pictures of the exact cutting you will receive***

-They are all the same variety (although the exact variety is unknown, it is not a Thai Constellation). The variegation shown in the monsteras is unpredictable. Sometimes a plant showing little variegation will go on to produce highly variegated leaves in the future or the other way around where a plant with highly variegated leaves begin to make leaves with less variegation. There is no sure way of knowing of future leaf variegation. 

Variegation Grades:

1.) No Variegation: No Variegation shown. All of our monsteras come from the same mother plants and are the same variety but sometimes the plants form leaves that do not have any variegation. They are still a cutting off a variegated monstera and are genetically inclined to form variegation but may or may not. There is no way of knowing.

2.) Low Variegation: Some variegation shown in the leaves. May be localized to parts of the leaf with larger areas of green. Main Stem may or may not show white portions.

3.) High Variegation: High Variegation on the leaves. May have larger "Splotches" of white. Main Stem will show some amount of variegation in it.

4.) NO ROOT Cuttings: These cuttings will not have a pronounced Aerial Root. They can still be rooted as normal, they just need more time to root. 

Care Tips will be included with the cutting. The monstera can be rooted in water or potting mix. We direct plant into potting mix rather than water since water rooting is somewhat more likely to cause stem rot. When rooting in potting mix, it's important to not over water as this will also cause stem rot. Water when the top 1/2"-1" of the soil is dry.

Please Note:

***Unfortunately we cannot send pictures of the exact plant you will receive***

***No Returns or Exchanges because you want a different plant than what you received. All plants show some variegation and this is a "mystery plant special". If the plant arrives in bad shape please let me know and I will help.***

***The variegated monstera is very prone to bruising in shipping especially the white portions and leaf edges. We will package it very well but there may be a bit of bruising.***

***Shipping into High/Low Temperatures: If the temperatures in your area are below 40F or above 95F, Please do not order the monstera. It will likely arrive Cold/Heat damaged. Heat packs will not help shipping to freezing temperatures. Thank you.

Q: Can you send me a picture of the cutting I will receive?
A: Unfortunately not, the cuttings are chosen and cut at time of shipping.