Mini Poinsettia

Watering: Your miniature Poinsettia comes with a convenient and functional wick-watering device. The plant has a special synthetic wick that allows water to be absorbed from the bottom water reservoir. You should always keep water in the wick-watering system. An easy way to water is to drop an ice cube into the vase anytime the reservoir is empty. Do not leave the wick-watering system empty for more than one day. If empty overfill to reactivate wicking action. Your Poinsettia will grow roots into the well. Roots make the best wicks, however if you dislike the way they look, you may remove the roots by pulling them off. You will not damage the plant by doing so. The wick will provide sufficient water to your plant.

Water Temperature: Since you are watering your miniature Poinsettia with the wick-watering system, the water temperature is not important.

Fertilizing: - You may fertilize the miniature poinsettia on a continuous basis. We recommend to use the fertilizer every time you fill the wick-watering system. For best results, use Optimara® Fertilizer. Mix one packet of fertilizer with one gallon of water. You may keep the mixed fertilizer solution in the gallon jug for long term storage. Optimara® Fertilizer is also recommended for all other house plants.

Light: Generally, miniature Poinsettias need all the light they can get. Natural light is the best. Poinsettias like very early or very late sun, but otherwise should be kept out of direct sunlight. A general rule of thumb is to give your Poinsettia bright, indirect light for as much of the day as possible. You can also expose your plant under artificial light, such as an LED desk lamp. Please remember that an incandescent or halogen light can easily be too hot when placed right above the plants.

Location: Any window in the home that offers bright light is a potential location for poinsettias. But during the holiday season you may place the poinsettia anywhere you like, they are very forgiving when re-positioned for a more extended period.

Environment: Miniature Poinsettias generally enjoy the same type of environment people prefer. Air should be fairly fresh, but cold drafts can cause severe damage and the development of powdery mildew.

Temperature: Most miniature poinsettias can tolerate temperatures between 50° and 80°. A daytime temperature of 72° to 75° with nighttime temperatures around 65° is ideal. Miniature poinsettias are very susceptible to cold temperatures so avoid any kind of cold draft.

Humidity: Poinsettias prefer humidity range of 50% to 70%.