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Set of 2 Pilea Peperomioides Plants (2" Pots)

Set of 2 Pilea Peperomioides Plants (2" Pots)

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** 2 Pilea Plants in 2" Pots!**
One of the most desirable houseplants, the Pilea peperomioides is an easy-care and beautiful plant. Pilea peperomioides will ship in the 2" plastic grow pot as shown in the pictures. The Pileas are well-rooted and would be ready to repot into a larger 4" pot. The plant will be carefully packaged, however depending on the box handling during shipping, some leaves may arrive damaged. Pilea peperomioides recovers very quickly from shipping. You will not receive the exact plant in the pictures. However you will receive a plant with similar size, fullness and leaf count. Each Pilea will have at least 6 full sized leaves.

SHIPPING INTO HIGH/LOW TEMPERATURES: Please refrain from ordering this plant if your local temperatures are above 95 degrees or below 40 degrees or make arrangements so that it can be delivered to a climate controlled location. Thank you

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