Alocasia cuprea Care

Light / Temperature / Humidity: Bright but Indirect Light. No Direct Light. / 60-80F / Higher Humidity is preferred

Water: Water so that the soil is very lightly damp but not soggy wet. It may be good to allow the top ½” of the soil to dry before giving a good thorough watering. Each home has different conditions, check the soil to make sure it doesn’t get soggy or too dry.

Soil: Well-Draining Peat or Peat/Coco coir blended mix. The exact mix we use is Optimara Potting Soil.

Fertilizer: Use an All-Purpose Houseplant food such as NPK 20-5-10 diluted to half strength every other time you water. Do not fertilize during the winter when the plant is dormant.

Toxicity: All Alocasias are poisonous if consumed. Keep away from pets and children.