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Variegated 'Sugar' Pilea peperomioides (2" Pot/Starter Plant)

Variegated 'Sugar' Pilea peperomioides (2" Pot/Starter Plant)

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**Please Read Entire Description**

*See Picture #2 for mature Pilea Sugar variegation example

*You will receive a rooted starter pilea plant in a 2" (5.5 cm) diameter sized pot. The Pilea Sugar has naturally ruffled leaf edges.

The Sugar Pilea peperomioides is a exciting variegated form of the popular solid green Pilea and will make a great addition to any plant collection. The variegation has shown itself to be very stable and no reversions to solid green leaves have been seen in the plants we've grown. Note: The variegation intensity is dependent on environmental conditions and the plants do best in bright indirect light.

**You will not receive the exact plant in the pictures. It is a good example of the size, coloring, fullness of the plant you will receive. Sorry, no pictures can be sent of the exact plant you will receive.**

***No Refunds or Replacement Plants for leaves lost or damaged in shipping.*** The pilea will be well packaged, but there may be some lost/damaged leaves from shipping. The pilea is also typically very droopy after shipping. The plant begins to perk up after a week or 2 with normal care.

SHIPPING INTO HIGH/LOW TEMPERATURES: Please refrain from ordering this plant if your local temperatures are above 95 degrees or below 40 degrees or make arrangements so that it can be delivered to a climate controlled location. Thank you

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