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Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' (4" Pot)

Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' (4" Pot)

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*The Alocasia ships with Signature Confirmation to ensure safe delivery*

Shipping into High Temperatures: If the temperatures in your area are above 90F, Please do not place an order for the Alocasia cuprea. It will likely arrive heat damaged. Thank you.

The copper-like leaves of the incredibly hard to find and sought after Alocasia cuprea make it a unique addition to any plant collection. Grown in 4" Pot.

Note: The alocasia forms leaves with many different shades. Sometimes the plants form more greenish/reddish leaves depending on time of the year or maturity of the plant. The plants are all Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret. See last 2 pictures for some of the other shades of leaves the Alocasia sometimes forms depending on season.

You will not receive the exact plant in the pictures. The pictures represent the size and leaf count of the plants shipped out. The Alocasia will ship with 3 or more leaves.

*All Alocasias are poisonous if consumed. Keep away from pets and children.

**Will be well packed but note the leaves are fragile and may have a few cuts or bruises from shipping. Note: the plant also tends to drop a leaf or 2 from the stress of shipping. The plant is rhizomatous and will form new leaves from the root structure.

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