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Micro Ferns (2 Plants) (1.5" Pots) Terrarium Plants

Micro Ferns (2 Plants) (1.5" Pots) Terrarium Plants

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Super Micro Ferns may be the smallest potted plants you can find! They come planted in a 1.5" (4cm) pot. Perfect for those super tiny terrariums or other mini planting projects. You will receive 2 different fern varieties from our assortment of over 20 fern varieties. Orders of multiple sets will receive a diverse assortment with a focus on sending a mix that includes no two ferns of the same variety.

**Please Note: Due to the tiny size of the pot, the soil tends to quickly dry out and needs to be watered every or every other day in order to keep the soil lightly damp.

** These ferns are not true miniatures. They will continue to grow. However, their small size can be maintained to some degree by always trimming out the larger fronds.

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