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Rex Begonia Variety Pack (4 Plants) (4" Pots) "Growers-Choice"

Rex Begonia Variety Pack (4 Plants) (4" Pots) "Growers-Choice"

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Easily identified by their dazzling array of unique foliage colors, Rex Begonias are a wonderful addition to any house or office. Easy to care for and tolerant of lower light conditions, though they prefer bright indirect light. This variety pack will include 4 different variety Rex Begonias.

***Orders of more than 1 set will receive as many different varieties as possible, but may include duplicates.***

***Unfortunately we cannot send order specific varieties as the assortment is always changing. We focus on sending an interesting and diverse mix of plants.*** 

*** SHIPPING INTO HIGH/LOW TEMPERATURES: Please refrain from ordering this plant if your local temperatures are above 95 degrees or below 35 degrees or make arrangements so that it can be delivered to a climate controlled location.

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