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Variegated Monstera Albo Node (1 Node Cutting) (High Plus+ Variegation)

Variegated Monstera Albo Node (1 Node Cutting) (High Plus+ Variegation)

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**High Plus+ Variegation Node (1 Node Cutting)


***Pictures show the general levels of variegation that can be expected at each variegation grade and do not show the exact cutting you will receive. Unfortunately pictures of exact cuttings cannot be sent since the cuttings are taken at time of shipping.***

This is "grower special" offering Variegated monstera nodes at very competitive prices compared what can currently be found online. Please read the description to understand what this listing entails. Variegated Monsteras can be tricky to root so it is not advised for beginners. The last picture shows one of the original mother plants.

**Due to the Rare/Limited nature of these cutting, Unfortunately: No Refunds, Replacements or Exchanges will be offered for cuttings that die or do not root in while in your care.**

"Why "Nodes" and not cuttings with the leaves still attached?
-By removing the leaf from the stem cutting, the plant begins to immediately focus on pushing out a new "main stem" weeks ahead of a leaf/stem cutting. It also reduces the surface area of the cutting meaning that its much easier to give the entire cutting a high level of humidity and reduces the transpiration out of the leaf and the possibility of stem rot.

The Nodes will be packaged in clear enclosed containers with lightly damp sphagnum moss to help cushion and keep the node fresh. Some nodes may be thicker/larger diameter, while some are younger and less thick. These containers can also be used to propagate the nodes. By poking some holes in the top and sealing it, the cuttings will benefit from higher humidity levels that are difficult to achieve in the home.

NOTE: ("No Variegation" Cuttings will include 2 Cuttings to increase the probability of one forming variegation in the future, but there are no guarantees of future variegation.)
***Unfortunately pictures of the exact cutting you will receive cannot be sent as the cuttings are chosen and cut at time of shipping.***

Variegation Grades (Pictures Show the general levels of variegation for each grade):
1.) No Variegation: No Variegation shown. All of our monsteras come from the same mother plants and are the same variety but sometimes the plants form leaves that do not have any variegation. They are still a cutting off a variegated monstera and are genetically inclined to form variegation but may or may not. There is no way of knowing. NOTE: ("No Variegation" Cuttings will include 2 Cuttings to increase the probability of one forming variegation in the future, but there are no guarantees of future variegation.)

2.) Light Variegation: Some Variegation streaking shown in the stem.

3.) High Variegation: High Variegation shown in the stem.

4.) High Plus+ Variegation: Especially High Variegation in stem. May include high levels of marbling variegation, streaking or consistently large white portions

Care Tips will be included with the cutting. The most important part is that the cuttings receive high humidity (70%-90%). This can be achieved by regular misting or some kind of enclosed container such as the provided container the cutting is shipped in. It can either be rooted in potting mix, water or the spagnum. If the cutting dries out, the stem will begin to shrivel and becomes prone to stem rot.

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Wendi D
AMAZING Customer Service!!

I emailed because I was having complications with my order. I got a swift and response. I was very happy that the owner was there to support me and give me a solution to my issue. I will def refer Optiflora to all. Will be purchasing again in the near future.

Thai Taylor
Returning customer

This is now my 3rd time buying from yall and as always everything was packaged nicely and has since started leaf development!

Great products

This is my third node I have ordered from Optiflora. Each one has arrived healthy and shipping is fast. I would recommend this company!!


Perfect and sprouting happily!


Always beautiful! Thank you guys so much.

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