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Variegated Raindrop Peperomia 'Verdant Flame' (Var. Peperomia Polybotrya) (4" Pot)

Variegated Raindrop Peperomia 'Verdant Flame' (Var. Peperomia Polybotrya) (4" Pot)

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*Please Read Entire Description*

The Variegated Raindrop Peperomia is an new and exciting variation to the classic deep green Raindrop Peperomia Polybotrya. This new variety has been selectively stabilized in our greenhouses over several years and is now finally available in very limited numbers. The variegation has been found to be incredibly stable and no reversions have been noted. Last picture shows variegation stability across several plants. The newest leaves form with a slight yellow white hue and slightly increase in green speckling as they mature. The peperomia is very hardy and easy to care for and thrives in indirect light and just needs a through watering whenever the top 1/2"-1" of the soil dries.

**Live-Healthy Arrival Guarantee**

However due to the Limited Rare nature of the Plant: Refunds/Replacements will not be offered for cosmetic damages from shipping such as: a dropped leaf or 2 and splits/cracks in the leaves.

What to Expect:
-A Variegated Raindrop Peperomia potted in 4" Pot (Not-Bare Root) with at least 4-5 formed leaves
-Care Instructions
-Note: You will not receive the plant in the pictures. You will receive one with similar size, leaf count, and coloring. **Unfortunately pictures of the exact plant you will receive cannot be sent as the plants are selected at time of shipping.**

*Patent-Pending Peperomia Variety
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